Ways to optimize your Google My Business Listing

It lets people find and connect to your business online. There are many reasons why you should go for GMB optimization for your page for search engines, but the main one is that if someone searches for your type of service or product in their area, they might see your page before any competitor listings. Even though a Google My Business profile is free of charge, it can have a huge impact on the business by gaining new customers faster.

Advantages of having a fully optimized Google My Business page include:

Increasing your visibility on Google.
Reach those who are nearby and looking for a service like yours.
Connect with customers, as people can ask questions about products or services directly from the profile page itself. This is very convenient!

To optimize your Google My Business Page, make sure to include all of these elements:

detailed business information such as hours, location address and phone number (make sure it’s correct!).
The more photos you have here will give visitors a better idea of what they need to expect when coming into your place of work.
Add an accurate description that includes keywords related to the industry you’re in.

Your goal should be making it easy for people to locate your business whether physically or online, helping you to get more customers and business and thereby earn greater revenue.

GMB Listing Optimization Techniques:

Choose an appealing photo.
Fill out all information fields.
Add links to other social media profiles.
Set the correct business hours.
Fill out all service area information.
Use a variety of keywords and keyword phrases to describe your business.
Write comprehensive, clear content that addresses common questions potential customers might have about your services or products. This will help you rank higher in search results for queries similar to those mentioned earlier on.
Use reviews and recommendations to help increase your ranking for queries about businesses like yours.
Posting GMB posts regularly in order to keep your page fresh and interesting.
Add links to other social media profiles if applicable. For example, you can link to Facebook or Instagram from Google+.

In order to optimize your GMB page you need to implement GMB SEO strategies. When it comes to local pack SEO services, the following areas are what company or consultant will mainly focus on.

Optimize your business name.
Your business name will help you rank higher in search results for queries. So how can you optimize a business name? Here’s how. Make sure to use keywords in your business name. These are words that a potential customer might search for when looking for businesses similar to yours. Add the word ‘plus’ before the location of your business. For example, if you run a cafe called Coffee Cafe Plus located at 123 Main Street then users will be able to find it more easily on Google Maps by searching “Coffee Cafe + Main St” or “+Main St”. This also works even without an exact match. So, don’t worry about making up new words; simply using common synonyms can help connect with people who would otherwise not have found you. Don’t include unnecessary punctuation like commas and periods unless they’re already part of your company name because these can potentially lead to incorrect search results. Don’t use symbols like hashes or periods. These will break your link and lead people to the wrong page.

Add a photo of the exterior of your business.
A photo of your business goes a long way to helping people understand what your business looks like. It allows potential customers to see the building or storefront where you are located, and it gives them a better idea of how far away they may be from your store.

Add a map to show where you are located.
A location map is important so that customers can understand where your business is in relation to their location. A map will also show customers how far away they are from your store, so it’s a great tool for helping people decide whether or not they want to stop by. Through local maps SEO a company can fully optimize this area of your GMB page.

Include detailed information about what you do, including hours and contact info.
Specific details relating to your business on the My Business page can help customers understand exactly what you do, and can help them decide if your business is a good fit for their needs. Details such as hours of operation, contact information, and other pertinent details should be included on the Google My Business page to make it easier for customers to find this important information.

Update your profile regularly with new content so it stays fresh in search results.
Update relevant and informative content on a regular basis in order to keep your GMB page fresh in search results, so that it always ranks high. The GMB page will show up in the top of most relevant searches for your location, so it’s important to have this information filled out correctly so customers can find you easily when looking for what you offer near them. Making updates regularly also keeps negative reviews from being at the top of your list, which could impact future sales.

Use keywords that people would be searching for when looking for businesses like yours.
Keywords should be relevant and users should be able to find you when they search for it. You will want to use keywords that are relevant and related to your business so customers can find you easily when looking online.

Now you know how to optimize your Google My Business page, it’s time for the next step. Let’s talk about what happens after someone finds out about your business through this listing. This is where creating a great customer experience comes in. Make sure that all of these items are well taken care of:

First impressions matter so make sure to keep up with cleanliness and organization throughout the office.
Be friendly and personable with customers by making everyone feel at ease; smile & be willing to help them even if you’re busy (if possible).
It goes without saying but always follow-up on any complaints or negative experiences.
Finally, don’t forget your employees either; having happy employees means that you get great work out of them.

A Google My Business page is essentially your business’s homepage on the internet. This free to create and manage platform will allow you to edit all details about your company, put up photos of your employees or office or facility, write blog posts, publish videos of services that you provide etc. It also has a map feature where customers can get directions right from their phone; which is perfect for people who use turn-by-turn GPS apps while driving around town. There are many advantages to having an optimized Google My Business account but the top reasons are that it obviously gives more credibility & authority by giving users quick access to relevant information about your business.