How to Clean a Airbnb Rental Property: A Step By Step Guide

Managing a vacation rental can be profitable and exciting. From making use of a little loft to renting an entire guest house, you get to decorate and play the invisible host for hundreds of happy guests every year. However, getting started can be a challenge. Once your vacation rental is decorated and ready for guests, one of the most important routines to master is the between-guest cleaning.

You may eventually hire a cleaning service to take care of your portfolio of vacation rental rooms, but when you’re DIY, here’s a quick and thorough guide on how anyone can perfectly clean a vacation rental for guest-readiness.

Step 1. Change and Launder the Linens

When you first walk into a vacation rental after a guest has left (or period of vacancy), always start with the linens. They will take the longest to be ready, and you’ll be glad to have started early.

Strip the bed, gather the towels, and put everything washer-safe into the washing machine.

Step 2. Fill and Start the Dishwasher

The dishes pose a similar task. If your guest left a few unwashed breakfast dishes from your complimentary kitchen supplies, rinse them and load the dishwasher, if you have one. In vacation rentals, always re-wash dishes, even if your guests left them clean in the drying rack.

Step 3. Sanitise and Polish from the Top Down

Now it’s time to polish your room, suite, or house from the top, down. This is where your traditional cleaning skill come in handy. Use a sanitising surface cleaner and paper towels or a microfiber cloth (no lint) to polish everything. Wipe down the furniture, mirrors, counters, sinks, fixtures, and surfaces. Don’t forget the light switches, doorknobs, and cabinet handles, as well. Try to remove every smudge and fingerprint from the entire suite.

Work from the top of your furniture and light fixtures to the bottom of each chair leg and baseboard with everything in between.

Step 4. Sweep, Vacuum, Mop and Polish the Floors

Once you reach the floors, it’s time to sweep, mop, and vacuum. Start by sweeping and vacuuming the hard and carpeted floors. You can vacuum hard floors, as well. Use the vacuum edger to get small spaces. Then mop and vacuum again. Finally, polish hard floors with a soft cloth to pick up any final particles. Don’t forget to empty the vacuum as part of your routine.

Step 5. Restock the Complimentary Items

Most vacation rentals offer few hotel-like complimentary items and a few cosy home-like items as well. Place new little shampoo bottles and soaps in the bathroom, and lay out the folded hand towels.

Restock the kitchen by arranging the cabinets. Check on the spices, condiments, and the pans in the cupboard. Some hosts even stock the fridge with a few breakfast essentials.

Step 6. Remake the Bed and Redecorate

Recover your bedding from the laundry and remake the bed. Make the bed with hotel standards, with fluffy layers and a pile of pillows so guests can arrange their own favourite sleeping conditions. Then arrange the top layer to be in beautiful harmony with your theme and decor.

Recreate that welcome-home feeling in every room. Drape the couch blanket and fluff the throw pillows. Straighten any paintings on the wall and adjust the position of your decorations.

Step 7. Nit-Pick the Details to Picture-Perfection

Walk the rooms of your vacation rental looking for crumbs and fingerprints. A pristine living space adds prestige to your listing that will increase its value, demand, and reviews. Use a lint brush, a polishing cloth, and the vacuum hose attachment to make sure that the vacation rental flat looks freshly unwrapped for your next guest.

Step 8. Sanitise Again

In these virally cautious times, add another round of sanitising to your rental. Spray most surfaces and let the solution sit for at least 30 seconds before wiping clean and polishing to a shine. This way, you can guarantee to your guests that everything was sanitised before they arrived.

Step 9: Mint on the Pillow

With your vacation rental beautiful clean, decorated, and picture-perfect, there’s only one thing left to do. Leave that special touch that makes guests feel uniquely welcome when they arrive. This might be a mint on the pillow, or a dog treat tied with a ribbon on the kitchen counter. Every vacation rental has it’s own unique charm, and you can take a moment to make sure every guest receives your personalised welcome-home for their stay.